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1. Q: Will these work with automatics?

1. A: It just depends. Our shift knobs thread on so your current shift knob needs to thread off. If you have a button on your current shift knob it is NOT compatible with our shift knobs unless you get an adapter from a company like SICKSPEED. Note if you do not have a button, but your shift knob does thread off then you will need a non-threaded adapter. 

2. Q: Do you ship internationally?

2. A: Yes!

3. Q: How long do they take to arrive? 

3. A: These are all handmade so they currently take about 8 weeks to complete due to them being a high demand item. 

5. Q: Will they melt in the heat?

5. A: No, at least not under natural heat. They are made with heat resistant, high-quality resin. 

6. Q: How much do they weigh? 

6. A: they weigh between 9-14 ounces depending on the height and shape.

8. Q: Is there a warranty? 

8. A: Yes, we have a comprehensive 30-day warranty that covers all defects/faults that are NOT caused by neglect. Please review the full warranty under our product descriptions. 

9. Q: Can you put things other than flowers in them? 

9. A: Yes! If you have an item in mind; message us on Instagram so we can determine if it will fit and work. 

11. Q: How do you Install them?

11. A: Our shift knobs thread on so once your current shift knob is off ours simply spin on until they are tight. 

12. Q: Are they strong/durable? 

12. A: Yes. They are made from high-quality resin that cures extremely hard. We still do not recommend using excessive force as they are not made from metal.

13. Q: Do you offer returns or refunds? 

13. A: No we do not. These are custom products that take time and money to make so we do not offer refunds or returns outside of our warranty policy.