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Red Cherry Blossom Shift Knob Custom Shift

Red Cherry Blossom Shift Knob

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Product Description: 

5-6” Cylinder shift knob with red cherry blossoms and a black base. 

Grade B - Has minor cosmetic defects.

Custom resin shift knobs that are hand-made, weighted and high-quality. Make the interior of your car standout with your favorite color and theme. Perfect your shifts with added weight and height to your shifter. Message me for custom colors or themes. These are designed and intended for SHOW USE ONLY. These may not meet the manufacture recommended or required safety parameters for on or off-road use.  

Warranty: We offer a comprehensive 30-day warranty from the delivery date for repairs or replacement of our shift knobs and hardware. This comprehensive warranty covers cracking, splitting, chipping or excessive fading caused by a defect or improper fabrication. This warranty does not cover neglect or damage caused from excessive force. Every shift knob is thoroughly field tested before being approved for customer use. The warranty process is as follows; 1. Notify our team of the issue so we can determine if it falls within the covered criteria. 2. After it is determined to fall within the covered criteria then we would need the shift knob shipped back to the return address so our team can access the extent of the damage/defect. 3. Once our team receives the shift knob we will assess the damage/defect and either repair or replace the product. 4. We will ship back the new or repaired shift knob. If we need to replace the shift knob we keep the damaged/defective shift knob. *** We Do Not Cover Warranty Shipping To or From***

Note: These are handmade items and small defects such as minor scratches, indents, bubbles and slight color variations are common and due not justify a warranty claim, refund or exchange. 

Compatibility Disclaimer: Automatic vehicles that have a park release button on the shift knob are most likely not compatible with our shift knobs without the purchase of vehicle specific adapter. We do not include adapters beyond thread adapters in the following sizes: 12x1.25m, 10x1.25m, 10x1.5m and 8x1.25. For non-threaded gear sticks (most manual European cars) will need a non-threaded shift knob adapter. We may sell these or you can order them from amazon or eBay. 

Shipping/Customs: Shipping and custom fees are not included in the price of the shift knob. Custom fees are in addition to the shipping cost paid at the time of the purchase. These fees will be dependent on your countries import and export regulations and guidelines. 

Return/Cancellation/Refund Policy: We do not accept cancellations, returns or refunds for any reason. We may offer exchanges for in-stock shift knob purchases. Message or email us when to inquire.