Message us on instagram to make a custom design

How to Order

1. Decide on the theme of your custom shift knob.

We are able to make many different designs and themes. Our most popular theme is flowers; however, we have made ones with dinosaurs, figures, lego's, toys, rings, butterflies and much more. Whatever you decide on it just needs to fit in the shift knob and we have to be able to order the item. 

2. Chose your Shape and Height of your Custom shift knob.

We offer 2 Shapes:

Billet(hex): 4 and 6 Inches

Cylinder: 3-10 Inches

3. Choose Your Color of Base and Type of Glitter in the Base (we make almost any color including color matching)

If you want a specific color please include a picture or color code so we can do our best to color match. 

Glitter is limited to what we can order.

4. If you want a Flower Shift Knob; Select Your Color and Type of Flowers (if you need help visit our Options Catalog Page)

If you want a specific type of flower we do not have in-stock; please message use to check if we can order that flower.

5. Enter in Any Specific Customizations you would like Such as color of stem (Green, White, Black), exact # of flowers or position of the flowers/items, ETC

We will always take into consideration your preferences; however, these are handmade and limited to what we are able to work with it.